Advice From A Professional Window Cleaner

If you are planning on having your windows cleaned by a professional window cleaner  ONLY ONCE this year, or have glass corrosion issues, I highl yrecommend having a glass sealant applied to all exterior surfaces.

Glass sealants provide a layer of protection to exterior glass by creating an invisible barrier between surface and airborne pollutants, hard water, glass oxidization and more. Basically, glass sealants effectively keep window glass cleaner for longer periods of time…

…And, will help prevent problem stains from reappearing after glass restoration procedures.

You may already be familiar with ‘Auto Glass Sealants’

Although auto glass sealants are – not recommended- for use on commercial and residential window glass, professional window glass sealantsare available. And the best part is…

…These sealants are especially designed to be squeegeed off  by a window cleaner. So, they’re an easy, fast and cost effective way to protect your glass from degradation.

Hiring a window cleaner just once this year?… Add a sealant and keep your glass cleaner- longer!


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