The Importance of Routine Window Cleaning

As mentioned in previous article, window glass can become permanently stained from hard water deposits caused by rainwater and new paint.

But did you know?…

…All of these factors can cause permanent damage to glass:

1. Acid Rain

2. Salt Water Spray

3. Oxidization

4. Over Spray

5.Airborne Pollutants

6. Rust

7. Calcium Salts

Routine Window Cleaning

Routine Window Cleaning

Window glass is porous. And, if you understand that it’s surface is filled with ‘Peaks and Valleys’, then it’s easy to recognize these valleys easily capture and trap airborne debris that will diminish glass integrity.

To protect your investment…

…We recommend no less than 2 window cleanings per year.

Clean glass also helps the ‘R-Value’ of thermal paned windows. The R-Value is a measure of resistance to heat gain or loss. Regardless of you glass type, a clean window allows the glass to better regulate the affects of exterior weather…

…Which can produce greater effiency and REDUCE your monthly heating and cooling costs!

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